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Rust Glaze Recipe

Not so famous

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I am looking for a recipe for a ^5-^6 glaze (oxidation) that mimics rust. I have attached an example of what I am looking for.

The glaze attached was fired at ^8-^9 oxidation.

5-6 second dip

Viscosity of whole milk 

Manganese dioxide 70
China Clay 23
Copper Oxide 7

I tested it at ^5 but it ranged from bronze to black depending on the glaze thickness.  As I mentioned I need something that will work at ^6.

Any ideas?


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I can assume you are using this as a decorative effect and not as an eating surface. I would not call that a true glaze. I have a glaze I use that you could play around with. It is a metallic black but if you experiment with changing the manganese and cooper content it might work.

Metallic Black Matte ^6

Dolomite –---------------- 6

Zinc Oxide –-------------- 9

Whiting ------------------- 9

EPK –---------------------- 11

Strontium Carbonate ---- 20

G200 Feldspar ----------- 45


Copper Carbonate –------ 4%

Manganese Carbonate --- 8%

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@PeterH, I like that the recipe for the image you posted doesn't have any manganese in it. I would imagine that adding a modest amount of that and perhaps some copper could lead to some nice results too. Fine tuned with a bit of clay if it gets too fluid. Again, I wouldn't call this a glaze and it wouldn't be suitable for functional ware / food surfaces.

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2 hours ago, Not so famous said:

Min- I am a little confused by your post. You note that my recipe does not have any manganese. You suggest adding manganese to my it. It is already 70% manganese. 

When a name is tagged like this @Not so famous it means the person writing the post is referring to them or something they wrote. In my post I tagged PeterH, so my comments were in reference to his post. Peter gave a link to a potter who uses a recipe containing no manganese. He didn't do a direct link that you can click on to go to the page but could cut and paste it. No manganese in the recipe Peter linked to, it's here.  (click on the green "here" to access it without doing a cut and paste)

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