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Auber Instruments Controller

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I need the help of people who understand this brand of controller and explain it in non-tech terms. I got a used Cress Kiln and it has one on there and I have no idea how to make it do what I need it to do. I mostly am only firing my ceramics to cone 06 and cone 6. I have not needed to run my own kiln before Corona but with my normal places I would fire all closed temporarily I have no options. I am a student and I have to get several pieces done for my next round of critiques. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Auber  instruments makes pid module controllers. Several models over the years and as you noticed, programming is difficult technical parameter laden thing. What model control do you have and can you post a picture. There may be an easy way to give you some simple segment programs to run but hard to research without the model.

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If you have a pyrometer and are able to monitor (safely - w/o breathing the fumes! ...w/o burning your eyes, w/o harming your environment), running the kiln in full manual may be an option.

However you control the kiln, consider placing cones on each shelf; then you can relate your firing control to what actually happened (heat work) and adjust for next time, and also adjust the load/stack to even out the heat top to bottom ...expect a learning curve.

I'm flipping three low/medium/high switches, watching the pyrometer and taking notes when firing my ancient kiln; likely I'll keep doing same for a while.

This page has some video and manual links


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