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Glaze drying out in containers.

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Try adding water and mixing thoroughly, err, add water, initial through mix, screen, and more mixing. Put the screened material into a clean (clean!) container.

Then check specific gravity, adjust as necessary, let sit a while, mix again, and, finally, adjust thixotropy before applying!

There are threads on specific gravity, thixotropy, and amendments for brushing here - shout if you canna find'm.

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What I do is break the dried glaze into smaller chunks and run them through a coffee bean grinder that I picked up at a thrift store for a couple of bucks, dedicated specifically for this purpose. It does a great job and provides a fine powder which is very easy to reconstitute with water to the desired consistency.  Remember to unplug and thoroughly clean the grinder after each use to prevent cross-contamination if you go this route...

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