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Getting my first kiln and have questions

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I'm  getting my first kiln. It's a lightly used Skutt 1018. It will go in a 10' x 12' unheated wooden shed. The kiln has a down vent that will vent to the outside through the wall. The shed has 2 windows and small gable vents, the walls are 7'. I plan to put cement board on the wood stud walls in the corner where the kiln will be and I'll place the kiln 18" from said walls.

I have lots of questions:

How high up should the cement board go on the walls, is 4' high enough? Should I also put cement board on the ceiling above? Are 2 layers of cement board on the floor good enough? Does the floor cement board have to extend past the kiln? How far past? Even though it will be vented, should I put a fan in the gable vents or the windows to pull out the heat? Can I put a metal shelf on the wall to hold furniture? How about a metal shelving unit next to the kiln ... can it be closer than 18"?

I appreciate any and all help.

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I have concrete board on my wall in my kiln room 6 ft. high,  make sure it is concrete,  a lot of the tile backer boards contain paper.   Is the floor of your shed wood or concrete?   If it is wood I would raise it off the floor with some cement blocks or kiln stand.  Maybe someone will comment on how to use or arrange cement blocks,  I have always used stands on concrete floors.  Denice

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Thanks for the tip about the concrete board, I'll make sure it isn't the backer board with paper.

The floor of the shed is wood. So I'm hoping 2 layers of concrete board will do since I don't want the expense, weight and height of 2" concrete blocks. The kiln will be on a stand with the vent coming out the bottom.

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Cement board to about a foot higher than the kiln, but not all the way to the top. Two layers of board under the kiln (kiln on a stand), extending at least a foot beyond the kiln in all directions. No need to put it on the ceiling.

Metal shelving is great, and could be closer than 18" if necessary, since it's not flammable. Just don't put anything flammable on the shelves.

You need to remove heat from the shed so you don't hurt the controller. A fan or two moving air out one or both of the windows may be sufficient. It's a situation where you can start with something simple like that and go from there if it doesn't work. Something like THIS blowing out either a window or one of the gable vents would probably do a decent job. Just make sure there's enough fresh air coming in to balance the air going out.

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