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deep crimson mason (6006) stain turns a pale brown

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I like to experiment with mason stains for some of my pieces that are fired at cone 6.  Crimson is one of my favorite colors but I can never count on what color I will get.

Perhaps it is the colors it comes in contact with?  I have attached two pieces, one using the colors tangerine,  praseodymium #6450 and crimson; and the other teal, praseodymium and crimson.   Can anyone tell me why the crimson has turned pale brown in the orange/yellow piece, but shows up crimson against the yellow and teal?  I'm not a chemist, but from color theory I would have expected the teal to muddy the crimson.

What should I be doing to insure a deep crimson after my glaze firing?

Thanks for any advice.





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8 hours ago, liambesaw said:

It will turn brown if there's zinc in the glaze, I believe it also needs a sufficient amount of calcium in the glaze as well.  Best to look it up on their reference page.


Thanks @liambesaw     I was waiting for a more knowledgeable person to respond.  When I was trying to get crimson I discovered the inclusion (Cerdec)  stains,  Rita, you might  want to look at those.  The oranges and yellows and reds stay more true.


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