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Ceramics Supply Stores in Los Angeles?

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Hey Angelenos - 

Where do you buy clay, tools, and supplies?

I'm away from my beloved Clay Art Center in Tacoma (aka the best clay store in the world) for the next few months, and I can't seem to find a comprehensive store in the area by searching on google. I did see Aardvark out in Irvine, but that's over an hour from me, so I'm hoping  to find something in town.  

I'm looking for cone 6 clay and ideally, raw materials for glaze mixing. All suggestions welcome! 

Thanks in advance,



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Aardvark treated me very well; wish I was only an hour away! I like the bmix, buff, cafe and srf (cone 5) clays; the srf doesn't mature as "tightly," but it is pretty. I also really like the Sedona red, however, my lowest coe clear glaze crazes on't...

Likely there's a Blick near you; they might have a good price on tools, underglaze, etc., depending ...may be worth watching sales and promotions there.

Probably hard to beat Laguna.

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Agree with Hulk about Aardvark.  Always have received fine treatment from them. I'm in Lancaster, way north of Pomona, so they ship to me. Always timely.

Laguna is another excellent source I have used years ago.

Dick Blick, though supplies there are more limited as far as Ceramics goes. Several stores in Los Angeles.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Kristina,

In addition to Aardvark and Laguna, you could also try these two studio shops:

1. The Pottery Studio Clay & Supply: https://thepotterystudio.com/collections/shop-all (this is attached to the studio i work at in Cypress Park in East LA)

2. Xiem Clay center: http://www.xiemclaycenter.com/index.aspx (the web store isn't loading for me, but i've bought several tools & clay from them in the past. They're in Altadena)

Both places stock cone 6 clay, and both are really helpful over the phone.

All the best,

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