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Has anyone painted the inside of their extruder?

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I'm getting ready to purchase an extruder for the studio.  I've been looking at the TA Metalworks extruder, but not sure if I need to go for the stainless steel option, or if I could paint the inside of the barrel and the plunger with something like a spray epoxy paint to inhibit corrosion.  Has anyone done this, and if so, how well did it work?  I work almost exclusively white stoneware and porcelain.  Also, does anyone have experience with the TA Metalworks extruder, and if so, how do you like it?



Jeff Ross

Piedmont Pottery, Inc.

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1 hour ago, ronfire said:

I have the dies and wondering if I should make a taper on the top of the die to help wedge the clay through.


You can, I haven't had any issues with shearing though, which is what the taper is supposed to solve.  I make my own dies for it, though he will make custom laser cut dies for 30 bucks, just send him a picture or 3d render.

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stainless is nice but I extrude maybe a few thousand or more handles in porcelain a year in two extruders -I strickly work in porcealin and I have yet to see in the 40 plus years any rust in the handles.The barrels are rusting and one from Scott Creek is so ruisted its diameter ios much larger now 44 years later. Of couse that extruder is   completly modified it has a Brent cap  system (the best in terms of speed on and off) and a redone lever and handle (originals broke and bent) now its made right at the fab shop.Super heavy duty.

I love stainless and suggest that as an option-let me check out that model you are looking at online.

PS do not coat it as it will just wear off and get into the clay


Ok I checked out the TA model-just fine for hobbist.

One thing I like is the larger barrel -mine is 4 inch and its barley large enough . I extrude many think and for EXAMPLE you cannot extrude the full diameter of any form due to the cap and die size taking up some space. My soap dishes for example take every mimimeter of my cap and one that is only 3-3/4 is to small. I like the square ones but in this case size matters the larger Bailey models are far superior to that tiny MA model

The Brent is super duty made -the Baileys are also well made. I personally would get a larger box that also holds more clay -10#s of clay is a minimum.

I like the Scott Creek notch system of drive (the lever that pushes the clay) but the Brent is Ok but can hurt you if you are not carefull.

That Ma model is a tiny thing-the worst one i have seen is that little northstar. 

This gets to the point NOBODY does equipment reviews anymore-this one is mine on extruders . 

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