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Third quarter way up.

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Weird year at best .Back in March I wondered if pottery sales would ever get going this year.

I have been thru at least 4-5 recessions and pottery always does great in these times. Now I know its also pandamic proof. 

Yes all my fairs are cancelled but people still want potttery and will seek it out.

My wholesale is over the top and the 3rd quarter is way up. Same with consignment sales.

Having the 4 organic supermarkets for outlets turned into some serious sales this year over previous years. The gallerys that carry my work are all up sales wise,even though they can only accommodate

a few customers.I just dropped off a huge wholesale order yesterday to one of my gallerys that only sells pottery down near Hearst Castle (has about 30-40 potters). His sales are way up this year.

It seems to be that way for most. I do have a shop that has cut its days to 4 open a week  and open 5 hrs those days and they are not up sales wise as  its hard for the public to adjust to those limited days and hours.

I am back to working more than I want  right now just to keep up. Of course xmas orders are piling in now as well.

The trick is to get your stuff out there as the public wants it maybe more than ever now that shows are over for a while.

As I have said I have always liked at least three income streams from ceramics  and this year its really paid off even though fairs/direct sales ended.

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I had the same experience.  I was surprised when I filed 3rd quarter numbers.  I knew it was good, but it was the best 3rd quarter I have ever had.  And yes, Mark, I totally agreed with you.  We have to get our pots out there now.  People are looking!!  And buying.  One of the local shops told me this week that people are coming in looking for my work.  I took a sizeable inventory in 2 weeks ago and it's almost gone.  

Pandemic Proof.  I like that!


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I cannot seem to keep the places stocked as much as I want-every week it gets wiped .I feel like a fireman putting fires out and they reappear every week.I had two customers come into my local gallery and buy $1200 in one go round. I'm taking dolly loads every week now and its not yet the holidays.Seems the locals are hungry as well as that huge influx of touristed we had all summer.

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I'd like to say I have your problem guys!  My stuff isn't in any stores, I've gotten a couple orders for 8 place dinnerware, but other than that I've been dead in the water.  I don't have an established customer base though, so I am patiently waiting for "events" to be allowed again so I can start building that customer base.

Glad to hear things are on the uptick though, good news for all of us.

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You need to find a orgainic market and put a line of work in it-I can walk you thru the sales details if you like via a PM. In. your area you have about 1,000 options

PM me your email and I'll send a market photo of forms to you

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I can also confirm that my third quarter is also the best one I've ever had. It has been due to existing customers or social media followers reaching out and placing orders, and my usual summer farmer's market. Because it was one of the only venues that was open and had pottery available at it, people took some serious advantage. I'm actually glad that one of my consignment outlets went under and that I was able to reclaim the stock from them, or I wouldn't have been able to keep up!

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