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Evenheat 5320XL brick replacement?

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Hi all, I just purchased this kiln secondhand and wanted to get some opnions on this brick damage. I think it might need to be replaced because it looks shattered all the way through, but I can't exactly tell without taking things apart (which i'm not sure how to do yet). On that note, does anyone know what bricks fit in this kiln? Or would I have to get a custom one made from Evenheat or PSH? Thanks!


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Some believe if the elements won’t touch, pin them  and use it. For those that are handy, firebrick is easy to replace but entails removing the damaged section, wiring, likely new element and carefully putting the correct bricks in and carefully tightening and sanding the finished product. Still there are others that will buy a whole new ring (section) and replace it which also includes taking apart the wiring etc....

All three are good answers  with  the easiest (pinning) followed by the section and then individual brick being the most labor intense. I like changing the brick because I think it’s easy and dislike crumbling kilns, but it is laborious and tedious when it comes to damaging new brick while assembling.

There are several firebrick replacement videos on you tube you may enjoy watching.to get an idea. Kiln repair skills are a thing though, so no illusions, it’s not for everyone and there is a need for kiln techs.

If you go the brick route order the exact bricks that fit the kiln, straight brick, terminal brick, peep hole brick and thermocouple brick are the common distinguishing features. If an adjacent brick looks cracked, probably good to get it as during replacement it probably will fall apart. I would replace that or at least replace the whole section, but then again I would replace all the elements at that time as well. Just my preference on maintenance.

As far as custom brick, I would order the exact brick that fits that model kiln. Probably easiest to do that from Evenheat.

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Pin it for now if you can get it to hold, then replace the bricks when it's time for  new elements. If pins won't hold it, then order new bricks from Evenheat. I'd try taking the old bricks out before ordering, in case you break the element and need to order a replacement. Sometimes you can get bricks out without hurting the elements, sometimes you can't. It all depends on how old and brittle the element is. 

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Just a quick word of caution, if you pin it, make sure your pins don’t go in so far as to touch the outside metal banding  of the kiln. This is true for all elements pinned as it will short the element to the metal shell of the kiln and often burn the element out at that point. This is generally difficult to due using reasonably sized pins so it is somewhat rare but I have seen this happen often with the brick damage you seem to have so I think it’s worth the caution.

Just carefully pin them without driving the pins so deep that they touch the outer metal shell.

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