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I’m an extreme novice. I’ve had a few classes over the years and have been obsessed with pottery for a long time. As I now live in the middle of nowhere I’ve decided to just dive in and get a wheel. 

I was looking at second hand wheels and two options came up a Lockerbie motorised kick wheel(model k) and a clay boss(almost brand new condition). I’d like something that really lasts and I can grow into. What would all you skilled and knowledgable people recommend. 

If it changes anything, they’re both around the same price. 

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I have thrown on a Lockerbie, and for a kick wheel it is fine, however, folks that learned on a belt/gear driven direct wheel are happier than using the rhythms of a kick wheel.The lockerbie as most well built kick wheels is a tank, will last forever.  At the same time if you are looking to throw larger than 15# I would use the Clay Boss.




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