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Firing Porcelain


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I am using Flax Paper Clay Porcelain ES6000 to make some small flowers and the finished pieces are around 1cm thick at the fattest point.  The issue I have is that I have no idea how to go about firing and glazing porcelain.  

Do I bisque fire porcelain?  If yes what temperature should I fire to? 

Can I fire porcelain in the same firing as other clays (B17C Stoneware) ? 

Looking on the Scarva website it says the firing temperature is 1220ºC  - 1280ºC but I am unsure as to what temperature the clay stops being able to absorb glaze? 

Thank you so much in advance!! 



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Porcelain is clay so yes bisque fire to burnout organics and make it sintered and sturdy to handle / decorate - and fire to its rated cone. The range you have posted indicates that is a cone 10 claybody. Bisque to 04 / 05 glaze to 10 would be typical. Since these are flowers you may want to consider using a lower firing range claybody.

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