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I want to buy a kiln. What accessories should be on my shopping list?


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Was just considering steel studs for upcoming project at our son's house - they compare to (fair quality) wood, pricewise. Likely will stick to wood (pressure treated), for same reasons galvanized steel isn't so popular - tooling, familiarity, simplicity.

Building a studio, from the ground up, I'd consider all materials, but likely fall back to wood frame, else steel stud framed over block wall, rammed earth, straw bale, concrete bunker...

Hope it comes together for you Pye! You might get lucky and find a deal on reclaimed/used lumber out there in Nowhere...

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4 hours ago, Pyewackette said:

Then I have another long wait ahead.  I was so close I thought, this time ... it's been almost 40 years now I've been trying to get a studio set up.

I'm sure I'm not alone.  But its frustrating.

Might be worth reconsidering that shed, maybe a commercial one on a stone base, no lumber required. My sense is prices may come down a bit but overall most likely always trend higher. What part of the country gets frequent hail storms?

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@Hulk Sadly I'm moving from Nowhere to Not Much Better, but it does get 2.5 times as much rain as here at least.  Not exactly the Banana Belt but at least its not the High Sierra Desert LOL!

I don't do concrete work myself.  I mean I've helped but that was a long long time ago (like over 20 years) and it was freakin' hard labour then.  It would be impossible for me now.  I'm reconsidering the shed for the kiln - I was going to pay someone to come in and pour a pad but wow.  I may just do that pole frame, it doesn't need to be that big anyway and no one ever needs to insulate it.  It just needs to stay dry.  If a double layer of 1/2" HardieBacker under the kiln will keep it from lighting the floor on fire, then I should probably stick with that.  Of course there is the issue of the legs on the kiln stand punching through the board, but I'm pretty sure its harder than that.  I could always put tiles under the legs to spread the weight out a little.  I mean, I already have to wait for lumber prices to normalize - well, COME DOWN because I certainly don't want them to normalize where they're at now!  So might as well do the pole frame, it'd all be work I can do then.  I can still manage 4 postholes big enough for 4" posts, LOL!

Wood frame is easy, familiar, requires no special tools that I don't already have, and I've done it before.  A lot.  There is regular hail in Not Much Better, and metal buildings typically don't stand up to it that well.  Most people who have those cheap metal sheds also have plants growing through their hail-beaten rooves.  Every house we looked at with a shed, if it was metal, it was a guaranteed tear down LOL!

Basically proper metal is WAY more expensive than wood, even now.  The price of OSB does not concern me given that I do not ever use OSB for any purpose whatsoever, and for what I have planned, I don't even really need plywood.  Hardie Panel (the cement fiber version of T1-11)  is rated for shear so that makes framing way easier. And its not that expensive even now - less than plywood at any rate LOL!  I plan to use it inside the workshop (going on an existing 10x10 cement pad).  I can paint it and then just hose it off once in awhile LOL!  Dust - not an issue for 100% cement or cement fiber board surfaces. Also - using 2x6 studs allows me to insulate well (needed for beating the heat lest the building be uninhabitable for 6 or 7 months out of the year) AND it makes it super duper easy to frame in windows.  No need for cripples and all that, I'll just get windows that will already fit in the available space between studs LOL!

By the time I paid to have a proper footing poured and got proper metal (still needs studs, metal studs are stupid expensive and outside my experience) it would cost way more than building with wood and Hardie siding.  Wood IS expensive right now, but so is the metal LOL!

There are undoubtedly commercial applications for which that might not be true (wood cheaper than metal) but that's not what I'm building.  I'm building a 6x6 kiln shed and a 10x10 workshop on an existing slab.  Neither would be cheaper for being done in metal.  Sure you can build something out of 30 g metal.  I could also build using 2x2s for studs and 1/8" plywood LOL!  It just wouldn't last very long.

But there I go again.  I was so close this time.  I can't help planning the stuff I can't afford to erect LOL!

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