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I want to buy a kiln. What accessories should be on my shopping list?

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I want to buy a kiln.  My only real option here in the UK, given the space I have, is to buy a 13amp model that just plugs into a wall.  It will go in a kitchen with a concrete floor.  (It won't be fired when there are people around.)

What should I buy along with the kiln itself?  Is there anything unexpected or 'I should have bought this to begin' with items that I should get?

I know I will need kiln furniture and kiln wash, but what else?  Also does anyone know of a products taht can help me roll the kiln out of the way when it isn't in use?


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my kiln has a metal stand with metal wheels that i use to roll it away.  it should be taller but i could not find a way to do that except to add a second one on top of the first.

make your own kiln wash using mark c's recipe, it is the best.  a lightweight movable table to load and unload would be helpful.  pots have to go somewhere while you choose exactly where to put them inside the kiln and while you unload and inspect each one.

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Witness cones.

Heatproof gloves.


Notebook for keeping a kiln log.

A wooden ruler that is taller than the height of the kiln and long enough to span across the width of the kiln opening. Use the ruler to check how much height is left in the kiln while stacking it. If you’re not positive that a pot on the top shelf of too tall or not, slide the ruler across the opening to see if it hits the pot. 

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Metal shelving for kiln furniture.

You can make your own rolling stand for a small kiln pretty easily. Two layers of 3/4" plywood, glued and screwed, topped by two layers of cement board, 4 casters. Be sure to get casters that can sit for long periods without denting, so hard rubber, plastic, or metal.

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Apologies for the late reply.  I've been writing  emails to a kiln supplier  asking for advice.  As in oldlady's post, I can get kiln with castors, but unlike Hulk's post I'm not able to get a ventilation system going.  It's been suggested that I could place a fan pointing towards a window to help vent, but in this case the window is actually a catflap.

However, the biggest issue is whether the my house fuses could tolerate a firing.   The fusebox is a little bit temperamental, so I'm concerned that it might trip, knocking out the kiln and also our fridge and freezer etc.

Does anyone have experience of firing 13amp small kilns in the UK in Victorian houses?  Unfortunately kiln shelves, wooden rulers and other items will have to wait for the moment?


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Thanks Mark.  Unfortunately I'm not able to have anyone come around to the house, so like so many of us these days, I'm having to cope without the benefit of qualified electricians and plumbers etc.    Thankfully nothing in our house has gone wrong so far, but that's at the back of my mind when purchasing a kiln.   I don't want to end up with a kiln that I can't use, because it trips my fusebox, and with soggy food (because the freezer subsequently cuts out).

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On 11/14/2020 at 3:05 PM, hantremmer said:

Does anyone have experience of firing 13amp small kilns in the UK in Victorian houses?

Not me, but.....

I do have experience of firing a 13am plug in kiln.  It lives in the greenhouse, where there are no power sockets.  No probs, I thought,  I'll run an extension lead to the outdoor socket on the back of the garage.  Several firings later, the kiln plug fused to the extension lead socket.  On further thought, we realised that the outside socket was itself on an extension lead, and that the whole of the garage was wired from one point in the dining room.  (That was how it was built in 1988.)

I now have a caravan type socket on the outside of the house, wired direct from the fuse board.  Installed by a qualified electrician.  And an arctic quality cable hard wired from the kiln controller which snakes around the path between house and greenhouse when needed.  

Lockdown rules don't prevent emergency electrical work.  If you're "working from home" you need your kiln to work.

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