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The control box was off when I acquired the kiln and I’m not sure where some of the wires go such as the two black ground wires in the top box section and the two yellow wires that come out of the heat switch in the top section. I’d like to get the panel reconnected to the kiln but the wiring diagram in the manual is a little confusing. I’m not see a interbox that the manual mentions either. I’ve replaced the tube assembly. I’ve attached photos of the control box. Please let me know what you think!


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I don't think the blank ring is original to the kiln, but were an add-on that was usually placed at the top or bottom of the kiln. I've never seen one set in the middle with the conduit joining the two sections. Nothing wrong with that, though. That's why you're not seeing the interbox plug between the sections. Be aware that according to Skutt the blank ring will bring the max temp of the kiln down to about cone 1.

That is a 4 wire system- 2 hots, 1 neutral, 1 ground.  Each section of the kiln runs on 120 volts, so each section should have a hot and a neutral, and the ground wire(s) should connect to the insides of the control boxes somewhere to ground the metal case. The two wires coming off the top of the kiln sitter are the hots, whatever color they are. One should go to each switch. The neutral should split and go to each switch.

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Neil it looks like this is an older skutt which had plugs on dead ring ,l have had two of them and those older dead rings did plug into middle section. They quit using that plug style long ago when they (skutt)could not get that style anymore and if the plug wore out you have to hard wire it that’s what the flex conduit  is a homemade fix.  In the 70s skutt  wanted the dead ring in the middle.My guess is the plugs wore out and they choose not to use the middle dead ring box cover to connect wires but came up with the flex conduit as an optional fix. Never seen that but very functional.

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5 hours ago, Hulk said:

...bein' curious, was looking for a depiction of the 181 with blank ring, found this wirin' diagram


and this old manual


Try searching "181" on Skutt's webpage - there are seven hits.

They got rid of the interbox plugs a few years back, so when those fry you have to get that upgrade kit, which consists of new hinged boxes for the non-sitter boxes and all the wiring to hardwire directly through from the sitter to the switches. It would be the same wiring as the kiln above, just going through that conduit section to get to the top switch.

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Is there a resource online that can help me figure out how to install that upgrade kit? My 181 has a fried interbox plug, just a few firings after we replaced the elements. I can see where to buy them but no other documentation. Is this the part that I would need to get?  https://kilnparts.com/products/1000182?_pos=1&_sid=dfe1ee01d&_ss=r



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Hi Dominique!

The upgrade doc (link posted above) has directions and wiring diagram.
From there, may I suggest calling Skutt - might have to wait until Moanday for that - their support staff is responsive and good.

Yesh, "moan"-day, a cherished relic from the workin' days; Friday is still my favourite day!

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