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RK2 shampoo wheel- looking for a splash pan replacement.

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Just acquired an old RK2 shimpo from 1975! Works pretty well but the splash pan is in rough shape...looking for a replacement...wheel head is just under 12 inches and with the side motor lever so close it can't be too big. Any suggestions or experience? the replacement ones on ship website seem ok but i prefer a 2piece.



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11 minutes ago, ceals31 said:

thanks- so the one that shimpo sells works for it? I'm not sure how to get the wheel head off- that's my main concern!


Yes it does.  To remove the wheelhead there is an allen bolt on the side under the wheelhead.  Loosen this and the wheelhead lifts off.

The splash pan has a hole with a plug so you can insert a long allen key through the hole and tighten it back up. 

Do yourself a favor and spray some wd-40 or penetrating lubricant onto the bolt now while you wait for the long allen key to arrive in the mail

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