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Could these be a type of fire brick

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I tried looking up the brand and could not find any information.  I would say there not firebrick.  They might hold up to some firings, but who knows how long they would last.

They would make a great outer layer for a kiln.

Where I'm at a pallet (510ish) of old clean brick go for about $350.  People go down to the river banks after a flood to collect them.  Some brands are worth more than others.  

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Red brick for sure-will not hold up to heat well. Great on the outside layer with the inside being soft insulating fire brick

The main issue is they will be NOT the same size as any firebrick which are standard size. Red bricks are usually not that standard dsize and require lots of mortar to work into an outer layer.

I personally would not use them at all. Better for walks ways or garden borders 

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