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Hi and welcome to the forum!

The ones in my own kitchen for the last 3 years seem to be holding up so far. I make sure my glazes fit and don’t scratch or cutlery mark because all my work is functional. 

If you make some, I’d be mindful of the interior curve so that the mixer isn’t either spraying things outside the bowl, but the beaters can still circulate everything properly.  Look at the bowls that come with electric mixers for the kind of profile I’m talking about. 

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Have found clean (very!) to be key - no oil or grease on the beaters, bowl, nor introduced some other way. I usually use the big stainless bowl for meringue, else the big ceramic bowl, as it seems difficult to get all the grease off of plastic. I'm not seeing any difference between a ceramic and glass bowl, all else (scratches, smoothness, clean-oh!) bein' even.

While on the subject, separating each egg into a smaller bowl, then adding to the big bowl after a careful look for spots o' yolk has been helpful (have a few extra eggs on hand, and be open minded toward an omelet) , also chilling the beaters, adding a smidge o' cream of tartar once the whites are well frothed (but not stiff), an' bein' open handed with the powdered sugar - making merengue, might as well.

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19 hours ago, Black Phillips Adept said:

Thank you CBD, and I'd love to see some of your kitchen work sometime!  :)

You're welcome!

Lots of us have links to our social media accounts or websites in our signatures. Even if you're not on instagram, the link below will open my page in your browser. If anyone wants to edit their signature to add  websites or social media, just go into (Your Name at the top right of the screen)>Settings>Signature.

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I have been using bowls fired at ^6 with different ^6 bodies, and all of them are holding up very well. Some of these bowls are over 20 years old, and my wife uses a mixer in them for whipping cream, mixing and baking buffalo chicken dip, and many other things that need to be mixed such as cookie dough.




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