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firing during the wildfire smoke

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Hey all, 

I am curious what other PNW'ers are doing right now about firing if you're in the thick smoke areas. I know that it is ill advised to light up the grill/do anything that adds to the smoke and poor air quality.  It seems like a kiln would be similar- as far as my vent and the chemicals it puts out there. I am wondering if anyone is postponing their firing until it gets better, or just going along as usual? Just trying to err on the side of caution here and not add to the already-miserable situation...


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Hi Amelia!

I ran a glaze fire on Labor Day - the smoke wasn't as bad then as now. Off peak electric rate until 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays, yeaah!

Hadn't thought about postponing firing, good idea that. We're limiting our driving.

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@Hulkha! I feel you on the holiday firings!

But yeah, it was just a gut-reaction (was going to run a bisque...then there was something about it that felt off) that I wasn't sure has any validity. I guess there aren't enough potters for the DOH website to mention kiln usage, ha! It just seems like it fits in the category of grilling, car exhaust, etc. But I could be wrong!

Anyways...curious what others thoughts are. Thanks for sharing!

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