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Im looking for my first wheel and would like to buy a second hand quality wheel that will last long term. Id  love a Rohde mt500 but i never seem to see them second hand. I have chance of  gladstone bailey for maybe £1000 has anybody ever used one? If anybody has a Rohde, Brent or anything on and same I would appreciate any advice! 



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  • Steve Brown changed the title to Gladstone bailey r34

Hi Steve,

Looks like the Bailey unit is a "compact" model - 12" diameter wheel head (G34 model; not seeing any R34). Gladstone website indicates reversing switch is an add-on/option, hrrm.

Any chance you can "test drive" the unit?

The Bailey retails for ~1300? Used at ~75% of retail seems high to me; my second hand wheel (barely used, not even broken in), with some clay, tools, and accessories was less than half retail and still on (transferrable) warrantee...

Looks like a new Skutt Prodigy can be had in the UK for just over 1000; looks it doesn't come with a reversing switch either, however, as the wheel can be reversed by switching the wires aroun', perhaps not a deal breaker. I have a Skutt - it's a great  machine, powerful, smooth, precise, good support as well. My opinion, Brent and Skutt are great choices.

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Thanks Tom, really appreciate teh help! The wheel I was after went for £1000 so I decided to stop bidding. Im now thnking of just saving and buying a new wheel instead. Im now torn between the Brent C and Rohde HMT 500. Im happy to invest around £1500. The Skutt professional looks great but its probably a bit too expensive for my budget. Thanks again ;)

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Looks like the Prodigy can be had over there for just over £1000. I'm liking the built in cast pan; the Classic model (not finding availability where you are) might compare pricewise with the Brent C - both strong wheels. Any road, looks like good choices, all three. Any chance you could test drive them? ...might come down to fit/feel, the sound, etc.

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