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Tips for using a throwing gauge?

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Hi all - 

I recently purchased a throwing gauge and can already see how it will help with precision, but I'm having a practical issue with it that I'm hoping someone can help with: it's getting in the way of making work! 

As I understand it, I set the gauge to show the height and width of whatever I want to throw. 

If I'm doing something wide and shallow, like a plate, the actual centering/throwing process is ok, although your hand movements are somewhat restricted, but when I go to take the bat of the wheel, it's hard to do without upsetting the gauge. If I rotate it out of the way, then I have to pause and re-set it to make sure it's in the same place as before, so it's a definite hit on the efficiency.

If I'm throwing mugs or smaller pieces, the gauge is in the way during the centering/throwing process itself, as well as the removal. 

Am I missing something obvious about how to use the gauge? How does everyone else handle this?



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I position my gauge on the left side of the wheel in the front. This is out of the way for most things. At the same time, when throwing plates I really don't use a gauge instead I use the bat edges  and then pull my rim up appropriately. Alternatively, you could rig a tray to slide your gauge into. Anchor the tray some way, and slide the gauge in and out when needed.




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As far as your issue.  You might want to try 2 gauges.  Set one on the X and one on the Y about 1/4 to 1/2" from the target.

I don't think I have ever thrown a plate using a gauge, but I would think the gauge would be set at the point you want the wall before you fold it down.  If the wall height is right, You fold it down at the right spot, then I would think you would have no issues.  

As far as the "purchased a throwing gauge".  A wooden dowel, all thread, a stick, or a window blind adjuster rod works great.  Attach a 2x2 to the pan of the wheel and clamp your "stick" to the 2x2.  It's very adjustable. 


Every one is somewhat different with gauges.

I do a lot of multi peace bigger stuff and will put my hands from 3 to 7 so I like the gauge at 2 so It's in my eyesight at all times.  Having the gauge so close to where your hands are dose not give the clay to settle back down before it gets to the gauge, but with time

With smaller stuff 1 to 9 works fine.

My son puts his gauge at 7 to 9.  He says it's the best point due to the clay has time to settle back down before it goes back into his hands.

My daughter keeps her gauge at 11 to 12.  She only dose soup bowls and coffee mugs.

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