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Thoughts on this glaze


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Loking at old glaze book.

What are your predictions for this c 03 glaze


Frit 3134   90

Bentonite  20


Rutile 5

Rio       2

Am goingto mix today. Nog lookin forward to handling the bentonite.

Looking for an opaque base to cover terracotta for a student...old school student come back to area for 6 months covid and I relented!

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  • neilestrick changed the title to Thoughts on this glaze

I've never mixed a glaze with that much bentonite, but my gut tells me it's overkill. Seems like it's going to be a gelled mess. At 20% clay, you shouldn't need that much bentonite to keep it suspended. I would try substituting EPK for a chunk of the bentonite and see how it does, like maybe 15/5.

A common low fire base is 90% 3124 and 10% EPK, and it does a decent job of staying suspended.

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