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Hello all. New member. I recently got a Shimpo RK-2 (1974) and it works great except that the pedal/arm is very stiff. I have to use the lever rather than the pedal because applying pressure via my foot is very hard to do. Is there an adjustment I can make to “loosen” it up a bit? 
Also, it does not have holes for bats. I was considering the ones sold at Kreuger Pottery. Are they a pretty standard size or is there something I should be looking for? I appreciate the help.


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I have a similar wheel in my classroom, and it had the same issue. 

I  sprayed some WD40  on the pivot points, for the cone drive's platform. 

It definitely loosened it up, but it also made it so that if the speed was set to over half way, it would actually speed up a bit, if you took your foot off the pedal.  So you actually want a bit of resistance.

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In my experience, the pedal on those wheels is always stiff, and the arm is the easiest way to adjust the speed. I don't think I've ever been able to easily use the pedal with my foot.

As for bat pins, standard bats have holes drilled 10" on center. The hole is 1/4", and the pins are 1/4-20 socket head screws. Get stainless steel pins. You can drill your own holes for the pins, you just have to make sure you're drilling in a spot where the hole is in a good place. Some wheel heads have ribs on the back side, so you want to make sure you're not hitting a rib. There need to be room for the wing nut on the back side. You also want to be fairly precise with your holes. It's a good idea to use a punch to make a starting mark for your drill bit, and start with a small bit, like 3/32", before jumping in with the 1/4", as the small bit is less likely to drift. If you mess up and the bats don't fit right, you can always fill the holes with JB Weld and try again in a different spot.

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