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I purchased an inexpensive kiln, second hand  and very old. It’s made by Dryads of Leicester, I’ve searched and searched for info on them or a manual and I just can’t find a thing. Must be because it’s discontinued. 

the kiln operates with a dial, and it seems to go two ways with heating circuit off at 6oclock and full at 11oclock  and 1 Oclock. Has anyone come across such a kiln? What does the dial means for bisque and glaze fires.



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Found an advert which suggests that Dryad Leicester is a model name not a manufacturer
Dryad Leicester Kiln from Essex Kilns .
Selling a Kiln (Model: Dryad Leicester) made by Essex Kilns. Dimensions are; External: W580mm x D550mm x H600mm Internal: W300mm x D300mm x H270mm includes an IP Industrial thermometer. 200 o.n.o Picture available upon request.

A site named Essex Kilns exists, you might try to contact them.  https://essexkilns.com/wp/about-us/

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Odd.  Dryad is a manufacturer of all kinds of craft items, based in Leicester, England.  I had a Dryad floor loom.

I don't think they exist any more.

Also, don't think that ad was correct.  I don't think Essex kilns make kilns, only sell and service.

@Han can you post some photos, then you might get some more advice.

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