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Frit 90176

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  Likely a "ball clay" per Pieter Mostert entry in Glazy; see also "G&W B13 Clay" entry in Digitalfire

  G&W B13 Clay (digitalfire.com)

Frit 91076

  Per Bill's response, Digitalfire entry (and Glazy as well):

  Degussa Frit 90167 (digitalfire.com)

  Degussa Frit 90167 | Glazy

I'm not finding Degussa products available stateside - there's some encapsulated stain credited to Degussa, but manufactured by Ferro - however, looks like Keramik-Kraft (Germany) has 90167, and some other suppliers  (Hungary, etc.). 

Any road, back to Jennifer's question, which Feldspar? Are the colorants not listed? What target cone and atmosphere?

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