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Turning a kiln off/sleep mode/unplugging while not in use?

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Hi, all. This seems like a silly question but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have just completed the first test firing of my new Skutt kiln, which was great. At the end, the kilnmaster display told me the firing time, the temperature inside - all good. I pressed "stop," and now the display is cycling between "Idle" and the inside temperature. 

What next? How do I turn the kiln fully off until I use it next? Is there some sort of "sleep mode" so the display doesn't continue flashing a display 24 hours a day? Should I unplug it (I expect to use it somewhere between once a week and once a month)? The manual does not seem to have any information about turning the kiln off or best practices for storage. 

Thank you!

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12 minutes ago, CactusPots said:

Aren't a large percentage of these kilns hard wired?  I guess you could flip it off at the breaker panel.  If I expected a lightening storm, I would feel good about a procedure to prevent general damage, tv, computer, etc.  Lightening is rarer than frost where I live.

Usually when they hard wire they put in a fused disconnect switch by the kiln.

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My whole 200 amp house  service has a lighting/surge protector

will handle the whole load-I recomend thgese all the time. Easy to install.

If you ever have lost stuff froma surge you need this. I lost a central home gas heater ,refrigerator, some timers ,doorbell transformer etc. Yes the utility paid for them but a pain to reinstall.Druck took out a power pole hence the surge . 


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