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Love that wheel especially with the legs. Not much to it a 100k pot and the controller board.  You can check the pot with a meter and I would make sure no one has inserted anything into the foot pedal jack. Likely the board since the motor does run. Humps and bumps might just be an old belt  that is a bit creased from sitting in one spot.

Threw a bunch of stuff on that wheel and am still fond of it.

if you do not have the manual, this should be it 


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I really like that wheel, too. I threw a 10 pound vase on one and it did an admirable job. It's not something I would use for production work, but as a hobby wheel it's great. I've got a lot of customers who use them in their classrooms because they're small and easy to store when not working on a ceramics unit. I'd call Speedball and talk to their tech, as they've probably experienced the issues you're having and can tell you what needs to be done. Replacing the controller should just be screws and slip on terminals for the most part. You'll just have to decide if the repair is worth the cost.

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