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Are these pieces intended for use with food or beverages ? If so, the short answer is "probably not". 

First: The only way you'll actually change the color is to apply more glaze and re-fire.  There are ways you can cover the glaze color, but anything you would apply over the glaze, that is not fired on,  is almost certain to not be "food safe" - and not very durable.  If your pieces are strictly decorative (sculpture, wall tiles, flower-pots), and you want a uniform, over-all color, you could try a can of spray paint.  Other possible options would be acrylic artist's paints or the small bottles of enamel sold for plastic model cars & airplanes.

No matter what you apply, it's probably not going to hold up to a lot of handling, so give some thought to how the piece is going to be used before you invest time & money in painting it.

Also consider this:  If the only thing "wrong" with the pieces is the color - maybe a friend or relative would like the color, and be happy to be gifted a piece hand-made by you.  They get a cool gift - and you gain space on your shelf for a new piece.

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