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Kiln Peep Hole Plug Replacement

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if you look inside the kiln, you should see the interior of each peep hole.  poke something from the inside to make the old plugs or whatever that stuff is, fall on the floor.  i would let them fall into a wastebasket.  and i would use the handle of a big wooden spoon 

naturally, you will do this before plugging in the kiln!!

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You want to replace the band on that lid.  It's starting to eat through under the handle.  The lid is only held together by compression of the band and if it fails the lid will fall apart.

It's not terribly difficult but there are a few tricks.

I'd take the rings apart when I took the lid off and do the bottom plug that way rather than lean over all the way to the bottom.

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I had to zip a couple new screws into my lid where the tensioner was, since them screws were rusted.

Having a solid lid is a must for safety.

If you had to, you can cut a strip of stainless off the jacket to repair the lid. Stainless self tapping screws. Go slow with pressure.

I think new peeps are about 8 bucks. But if you have a couple bricks, 15 minutes and a rasp, you can make em yerself.


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1 hour ago, neilestrick said:

Inspect the lid band. It may just be particle buildup on the surface from the fumes coming out the peep hole. If it's eating through the metal replace the band.

It seems to me that the fumes from bisque firing must be highly corrosive.  Don't know what happens in electric glaze since I don't do that.   I did lose a lid myself by not being aware of the amount of corrosion in the band.

Now is the time to deal with issues like this.  It's so easy to concentrate on the fun part of studio ceramics and lose track of maintenance issues.  Go through the kiln and clean up all issues before you start using it is my advice.  No mickey mouse fixes.  Replace with new.

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16 hours ago, Mark C. said:

(screws were rusted.) my guess is it was aSkutt kiln with non stainless screws from the old days.

I buy real quality stainless screws and use them in electrics-any hardware has better screws than those supplied .

I don't think anything on the Skutt is stainless.  Looks like it but it's not.  Keep the outside clear of glaze splashes, they will rust there.

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