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Hi guys!

I 've been learning to make ceramic plates for  a while now, and I am looking  for ways to keep track of my work and progress in a quantitive way. Have any of you done something like this? Which apps/softwares would you recommend to keep track of learnings and insights?

Let me know. 


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I'm normally not a "language police" type of person, but a second question, the one of, quantitive isn't a word...? Arose. Quantitative means to keep track of quantity alone, specifically NOT quality.

Quite honestly, no matter what it is, I find it best to just APPLY the learnings and insights if they work.

Just keep applying. Then keep track of the end thing, your finances. Everything in between is a waste of time better spent on Applying.

Apply till there is no question that you are making good product, and if you have to put notches on a belt, Just poke a needle tool indent into the side of your splash pan, and when you have to replace your splash pan, you know you're killing it!



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I often would have insights when teaching at the HS, amazing how much you learn by teaching others. My prep periods would be for whatever, cleaning rooms, marking papers (yeah in ART) and doing studio maintenance. I did have a notebook with observations, and sketches of pots, thoughts about day interactions and the all important AHA moments. Notebook was left in the classroom for the next teacher. I saw her 6 months after she started. . . she threw it out. . . Oh well!




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Notes and pictures - a notebook for firing notes, another one for glazing notes, and a third for making notes. I'm keeping pictures, on account of pieces go away, else break (eventually).

The notes are actually helpful, as I can't remember everything, and sometimes it takes a while to put things together.

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