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Text is going to be tedious no matter how you do it. Decals would give you the cleanest text. Stamping into the clay is another option, but if you want contrasting color to the text, trying to fill it in with a color like an underglaze is a real pain and tends to look messy. Underglaze transfers may be a good option- Isla Transfers will do custom work.

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4 hours ago, Mitzuuu89 said:

Anyone can give some details on how to achieve this? I’m looking for the easiest way possible

use the "mishma technique". 
at the leather hard stage:
make the "text" with stamps;
fill the text indentations with a contrasting clay;
scrape the surfaces clean;
apply a clear glaze; and

Korean potters been using this technique for centuries.

search the CAD website for more details on the technique. 

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