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Props for glaze firing

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Like most answers: it depends.  A picture would help.

One thing it depends on is how runny the glaze is.  You could avoid one issue and create another depending on the thickness, clay type,  size of support in relation to the supported piece.

Generally speaking, I'd give a qualified yes to your question.  I use a lot of little slices of soft brick just like you're describing. 

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3 hours ago, Sorcery said:

Just take care making the biscuits since if they warp, your peice will warp.


The thing I do to avoid this problem is to not bisque fire the biscuit. Then when I load the piece onto the biscuit, I press it down and let the biscuit crack if it needs to in order to lay perfectly flat. The biscuit still works even if it's cracked.

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