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People are buying Christmas gifts now

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Sent out over 100 items in Christmas bags on Friday and Saturday.    Sales are very brisk.  I've been bagging more  Christmas than usual since May but not to this extent.  I have no idea why so many came in Friday and Saturday for Christmas gifts. 

Top selling item is a holy family ornament followed by holy family platters.  #3 are candles.    Can't say I've ever sold any of these items this early.

One comment I've heard several times "I probably won't see you again before Christmas".    I've only heard this from people that live out of state before and only travel this way once or twice a year.  Now I'm hearing it from people that only live 60 miles away.

Some customers are spending stimulus money on Christmas gifts.   Some from the first stimulus check and some are noting the 2nd payment (which we haven't gotten).

Average total spending is up.  But item spending down.     Friday/Saturday average sale was $112. Number of lines 12.  Last Christmas it was $75.  Number of lines 5.  


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I think Xmas buying will continue until the 25th-Folks around here realize their fairs are not happening and buying from the other outlets more now.I have shipped out gift as well bought for the upcoming season.Different year for sure.

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Our Local tourist buyers are out in force now. My outlets are ordering pots as they are being decimated by buyers. I just stocked them all up for the next onslaught . The markets are burning thru pottery now. Since the local art shows are not happening all my outlets are seeing an uptick in sales .I'm taking the next 30 days off fron studio work after I unload two kin loads later today. I'll be making deliveries weekly when needed just not throwing now or firing for a month. I do have enough greenware to fire if I have to but my stock pile of finished wares should make it thru the last big tourist month. 


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