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News in the Pottery world - Breakthroughs etc?

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Is there a good source for news for the pottery world? Like glaze breakthroughs, research, experimentation etc? I really like these things, but I can't locate a good source besides individual potters blogs. I am curious if anyone knew of a good one? I wouldn't even mind a good magazine or two if I could find one that was on these types of topic and isn't mostly advertisements. 


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you are using a website of Ceramics Monthly magazine.    it contains what is submitted by whoever wants to submit something and that the editors believe in publishing.

the pottery field is so broad and world-wide that i wonder if anyone could keep track of even a small part of it.   

since ceramic is used in various industries the research done to advance that particular industry will be discussed within just that industry.    

i think it is just too big for anybody to tackle.

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