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Trimming Fragile Items

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Hi there!

Quick question...I threw some vase shaped items for the first time this weekend. One was in a beehive shape with a small opening at the top, the other had a very round bottom which pulled up in a cylinder shape. While they were really fun to make, I realized they will be super difficult/fragile to trim by placing them upside down on the wheel! Any suggestions for how to trim items that have very fragile tops?


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If you don’t know how to throw a chuck or don’t have space to store one, you can take a suitable other container that will accommodate the vase neck (yogurt tub, bucket, flowerpot), pad the rim with something  (towel, pool noodle, heat tape) and centre that on the wheel head with some clay. 

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If you can throw a pot you can throw a chuck. Its merely a thick walled cylinder that flairs like a three mile island nuclear cooling tower. I throw my chuck, make sure it is tall  enough to accommodate the neck of your vessel. The body of the vessel will sit on the inner curve of the chuck inside the chuck. I throw single use chucks all the time and use while wet. I line the inside of the chuck with strips of newspaper to keep the pot from sticking to the wet clay. I also use a small level to make sure my pot sits level in the chuck. Then i trim my pot. Then i take the pot out and take the paper off the inside of the chuck and continue throwing my chuck into a vase.

You can make a reusable chuck by throwing the three mile island cooling tower bottomless on a bat and under cutting it, then allow it to dry and then bisque it. You can then center it on a bat and glue it In place. Then you will always have a chuck...you may want to make various sizes.

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