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I just got back into making pottery after 10+ years.  I have an Evenheat kiln with a kiln sitter and fireright heat switch.  Yesterday I wanted to run a bisque cycle.  We had to have a new 240 line run because we've moved since the last time I used the kiln.  Power is getting to the dials because the kiln sitter light comes on but the Heat Switch seems off.   When cycling back and forth between timer and heating it fades in instead of lighting up and there is no clicking sound indicating the elements coming on, and no heat.  I've changed the heat setting and turned the heat switch off and just tried to get heat manually.  I'm going to check to make sure the voltage is getting to the kiln but after that where should I begin looking?

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before anything, since you know it worked before, I would absolutely have an electrician check that everything is done properly.

After he/she confirms it, I think I would assume the elements are damaged (probably from the move?) Replacing the elements and thermocouple are easy to do and inexpensive.  

If its getting proper power, heating elements would be my second guess. 

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If none of the elements are heating up, then the problem probably isn't the elements, as it would be odd for all of them to burn out at the same time. It could be something else has burned out- a switch or a connection, or something just came loose during the move. I would first unplug the kiln, open up the panel, and see if there's anything obviously wrong, like a dangling wire or burned out connection. If you don't find anything, then you'll need to trace the path of electricity through the system with a meter and see where it stops flowing. That will have to be done with the kiln turned on, so if you're not comfortable working on a kiln with live electricity, then call a kiln tech.

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