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I thought I would post in case anyone else might find the idea useful.

Trying to adjust to working out of a 2 1/2 car garage,  space is a premium. With weather bad and no place to work while I was trying to put together a new table saw I grabbed some scrap and built a work table over one of the wheels (quick one hour build and see from pic I need to fasten that top corner down better). But worked out pretty nice, I have been eyeballing that wasted space above the wheel for a while. It has locking wheels on it so it can just be slid out of the way when throwing and adds another surface for things like glazing . One nice thing about it is that it needed to be be higher than the average bench which made it a nice bench to stand and work at. With the garage doors closed there's not a lot of open space to spread out in when I need to do something like assembling this saw.

Another thing I am doing is moving everything to wheels so stuff can be pushed out of the way and equipment quickly re-arranged depending on what project you are working on. 

Would love to see other space saving ideas if anyone cares to share., 


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My shop is a single car garage. I use my wheel soooooo much, I would never place it stored. That said, I have often considered building a storage floor under the wheel with trolley's/dollies underneath to store materials or glazes on. Add and easy clean up surface and a railing to keep me from falling off at 70, and I might be good. Never have done it though.





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6 hours ago, Pres said:

I would never place it stored.

nah the wheel is not in storage, The new work table over it is open on both sides and has locking wheels so it just slides out of the way with one hand in either direction. Shouldn't hold anything up at all. We do everything in batches so essentially I setup wood tools to do a few dozen of something. Throw a few dozen, trim a few dozen, glaze a few dozen etc so trying to maximize the amount of work surface for whatever project.  The benches are all 2 feet deep and this new one is 4x4 so a nice big surface for setting drying boards coming off the wheel before going into rack/cart and also I expect is will be yet another place to pile glazed pots before going into kiln load. I'm just using it here to put together my saw.

Its just that the space over the wheel when its not in use is just wasted. 

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