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What is the difference in appearance in differing mesh SiC

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Hi all,

pretty new to the world of creating my own glazes - I have found several on glazy.org that I like (although I'm aware that an opensource online forum for glazes can be potentially disastrous). The question that I have is for silicon carbide. The recipe I'm referencing is this https://glazy.org/recipes/20474 which calls for a 1200 mesh SiC. The original recipe - https://glazy.org/recipes/19163 - calls for 1000 mesh SiC. The pottery supplier in my area carries only 400 mesh. What would the difference in appearance be? There's a massive difference in how those two glazes look and I worry that if I were to try it, a 400 mesh SiC would have none of the nice specking or bold colors.


Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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400 mesh is fairly large. Could bubble instead of reduce.

Best if you can find it is FFFF grade.  You can find it at lapidary supply or eBay.

FFFF is 11 micron average size.

400 mesh is almost 4 times the size, 1200 mesh is only 1 micro larger at 12 micron

You can try the 400 and see if it works, no harm in mixing up a small batch

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