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Looking for a good white porcelain in Canada

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Ive been using Polar Ice from Plainsman clay and love the pure white color. Ive recently started mixing it with a hint of black stoneware to produce a beautiful grey body. Im now looking for a replacement for polar ice because 1. its too expensive 2. it warps in the glaze fire 3. its not the easiest porcelain to work with and recycle

Has anyone had any experience with a good white porcelain? I need it to be pure white because if it has the slightest tinge of yellow then it turns the mixed body a buff color instead of gray. I live in Vancouver, BC so there's a lot that isnt available here. Is laguna frost a good alternative? Georgies silver falls porcelain? Any other options?

(I don't like using stain btw - too messy and also expensive - so Im really looking for two clays I can mix for a gray)

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