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Bisque in gas kiln

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I'm realizing I'm making more large pots than usual.  Partly because of the slab roller, partly because it's just more fun.  My electric kiln is going to take forever to get the job done, so I'm thinking about running a bisque load in the gas kiln.  I've done it before, a couple of times, but wasn't satisfied as the top and bottom aren't even at sub 2000.  In my normal glaze fire, reducing the damper causes the heat to back up and even out, so between 1600 and 2000 the difference between the top  and bottom decreases.  At 2000 the bottom actually becomes hotter, per the meter.  Downdraft kiln.  I know I don't want reduction for a bisque fire, but any recommendations on how to fire a downdraft kiln evenly for bisque?  Normally I like 06. I guess I'll shoot for 04-06

I can make the draft pull stronger by moving the 2 inside back posts (soaps) partly blocking the exit.  This adjusts the first venturi causing the draft.  Can't adjust on the fly obviously, it's place your bets and read the cards.  I'll have to look at my notes and see if I have anything worthwhile.

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The key is to go slowly. In a cone 10 firing, the first 1800 degrees may only take 3-4 hours. You need to stretch that out to 9-12 hours. Use a lot of air, keep it running clean, adjust the damper for evenness. If it's 1-2 cones different top to bottom, that's not going to make a big difference with most clay bodies in a bisque.

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