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Anyone using (or used) Laguna WC611 #70 ?

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Most of my throwing thus far has been with Standard # 112.  I'm thinking about trying something a little darker, and like looks of Laguna's WC611 #70

Would like to hear pro's & con's from someone that's used the WC611.  (Would be even better if you've used both and can give a comparison between the two :) )

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 I use both Standard #112 (as well as its sister clay #225) and Laguna #70.  They are very different clays, but not in a bad way.  #70 might be my all time favorite clay if I only had one to choose from.  It throws very "slippy", that it the only way I can think to describe it.  It doesn't need a lot of water and it does have a good bit of grog in it, yet it doesn't really feel that way when throwing.  I have been able to fix mistakes while throwing #70 that I couldn't do with #112 or any other clay that I have used over the years. The most extreme was when a low/wide bowl "sat down" and I was able to lift it back up, let it dry a little and then finished the bowl.  I would not be able to do that with #112.

It takes glazes like a dark clay and I really love the richness of it.  For a long time I was the only student using it until I started doing a lot of glaze combination experiments and other students loved my finished pieces and started using it as well. It is also a dream to throw after a good aged reclaim.

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