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Ceramics taught thru the web at university

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I have a friend who teaches college level ceramics, and they've finished out this year with online classes discussing design and theory stuff, using the collection of pots at the school and his home. Good for a handful of classes, but at some point you just gotta move some clay.

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13 minutes ago, Mark C. said:

Wonder how next year they will web teach ceramics at our local local university.?? Seems like a really poor deal for students.

Doesn't it?  Like... Here's some clay, make art.

The best part of ceramics in school for me, was when the professor would correct obvious and not-so-obvious errors to me in real time.   I feel like students in ceramics programs now will lack that technical critique now. 

Higher learning curve, the students will have to spend a lot of extra time figuring things out on their own to succeed.  Will be an excellent result for the few motivated individuals and be absolute hell for those who are winging it.  

Net result? Positive I hope, but feel like it'll be a wash.  Those who could have done it without school will still be spending a lot on tuition and those who need school will be left hanging.

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Seems like a tuition scam to me. Art programs should be on hold. Business full speed ahead -math-english etc

painting most art no OK -ok digital art maybe 

Maybe we can get some teachers to chime in on this subject.

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ya know to us just waiting a year til this is over sounds fine but to a bunch of 20-24 year olds not so much. So many of them would just move on in life and spend the next 20 years saying they are going to go back. This is going to pass and in the mean time they can work on art history and theory. 

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I had to take a year off my studio courses when I was in college becasue I gave myself a persistent case of tendonitis during my summer job. I took all my outstanding Art History, English and Humanities requirements for my degree in one year. It gave me 2 years of nothing but studio courses to focus on, and a lighter course load. It upped my grades across the board, and eased the stress a whole lot.

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