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Brent CX 1973 lube change

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Hey everyone, just bought an old Brent, direct drive, old blue motor, and the foot pedal is marked 1973. I was cleaning years of clay and bits from the under side and didn’t realize I lost about 3/4 of the lube in the gear box, does anyone have any experience changing the lube before I try to open this thing up. 
thanks in advance, Sean.


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Hi Sean,

Good question!

...idk, and am not finding spec on Brent/Amaco gearbox oil; is it a model 2C ?

Looks like Amaco still carries the coupling for 2C model, not finding any spec tho'.

Any road, if the gears are not straight cut, suggest using a "hypoid" gear oil (I'd use hypoid even if the gears are straight cut): drain out the rest of the old stuff; if there are any sharp bits (mini flakes are ok), flush it out; refill with fresh stuff to the fill/weep hole, if there is one - if not, full enough, but not overfull, eh?

I use semi-synthetic hypoid gear oil on my bike chains - best chain lube, ever! ...bought a quart bottle almost fifteen years ago. I cut it about 60/40 with "odorless" mineral spirits, a small drop on each roller; by tomorrow, the mineral spirits have evaporated, voila!   best    ever


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My Brent is made in 1970-71 Can I see a gear box as I have never seen one before -as noted by hulk most gear boxes use 90 weight Hypoid oil-most auto parts stores sell it . Are you sure this is a Brent wheel????

Blue motor is right for that era

I would really like to see this gearbox please post photo-if that to hard send it to my e-mail from my web site below


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Hilk Amaco models had gear boxes-I owned one from the 50's onceNever seen a Brent one -I have a vague relocation they made one and would love to see it.


Disclaimer some info posted may be 1/2 baked so read with a pinch of baking soda

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Aye, baking is making a big comeback these days.

Amaco bought Brent in 1978? ...since, "Amaco" and "Brent" can be seen on the same badge, label, etc. Good point, perhaps OPs unit is an Amaco.

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Ok I found my orginal early 70s (around 72-73 after the raised plastic decks came with nall wheels) brochure on Brents and sure enough that model CXC with the old foot pedal design but (these wheels have the new plastic deck with raided edges-like they all are now) has a gear box-its small-motor is horizontal and shaft runs into the worm gear reducer the 14 inch wheel head shaft runs into the top of gear box.

The cost was $360 or you could order the kit and build it yourself for $340-shipping extra.

( gear boxes use 90 weight Hypoid oil-most auto parts stores sell it .)

I have never laid eyes on one of these wheels-says it handles 100# of clay

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Suggest replacing with a similar "weight" oil as found, "The viscosity for a gear lubricant is primarily chosen to provide a desired film thickness between interacting surfaces at a given speed and load."

At room temps, low load, a finely machined (tight tolerance) box may require light oil.

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