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Letter stamping

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On 5/3/2020 at 7:22 AM, Jolly said:

Does anyone know of a good set of letter stamps to use on porcelain and stoneware?

I use my kids ink stamps (likely a melissa and doug set) and a cute set I found at a thrift shop that had been used for scrapbooking or something similar. I use stoneware. They have different looks, as they use different fonts. Honestly, I'd say it's preference. I've never considered looking for a clay specific type. I use a white bodied stoneware.

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Any letterset stamp will work given that it is a solid font as opposed to a outlined font...i found smaller outlined font don't work so great at smaller font sizes. Also some script fonts are a little hard to read on clay. I have used everything from office letterset stamps you find at the office supply store to ink stamps at the craft store  to concrete stamps for stepping stone to leather stamps for leathercraft to stamps made for polymer clay and even dry alphabet pasta pressed into clay. Some give softer impressions and some more crisp. Personally i like the sets that have a holder to set up words and phrases for repetition stamping.

a word of warning about other stamps besides straight fonts...image and word stamps are copyrighted and most stamp companies only give the purchaser a 'for personal use' license (as opposed to a commercial license for work that will be sold) to use there stamps. Some companies have liberal licenses to there stamps and often this licenses are called "angel policies" tho there may still be terms you must abide by when using them...i.e. handstamping only, limited runs using the image, crediting the company on the work itself...you really have to read the policies for each company to know. But you should be fine just using the letter stamps, especially if they are basic letter forms. 

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16 hours ago, PSC said:


Thanks for mentioning that.

Irks me that potters, aka, artists, seem ok with theft of design.

Let's not bring up the book from my kids school that had a link to a YouTube video in it. The video was taken down due to copyright infringement. And that from a PUBLISHING COMPANY in the copyright business.



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Years ago, Crayola made some letter stamps that were hard plastic. I got a set that was italic, works really nice. I also have some of the standard sets sold by Michaels for the fimo clay makers. These are sets of hard letters with mounts to arrange the letters.




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