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My profit margins have been larger this year as well, due to moderate increases in sales and large decreases in overhead. I definitely think there’s something to be said for not working yourself to death. I haven’t got a bunch of projects done, but I have kids (8 and 12) that haven’t been in school since early March. We’ve been learning more to work as a family unit to get a lot of the usual daily stuff done. Getting the kids (the husband was already pretty equitable) to share in responsibilities as a matter of course on more things has been huge.

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My frustration is not with the citizens so much as the govening state to state -every one on their own deal. The world wide pandemic needs a at best well thought out science based world response-ok ma

I say “absolutely!”

I'm still fairly inexperienced at selling online. I did my first "real" online sale this morning (meaning it wasn't just a sale of leftover pots from my open studio, these were pots that I made expres

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GEP said (All things that I’ve wanted to do for years but never had time, until this year. )

Its really been  great to get at theses  things with the time to do it-usually way to busy-now its get them done and behind us.By spring it will all be done.

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July store sales down 15% from 2019.

August store sales down 30% from 2019.    Only 5% down from August 2018.

The store is still profitable.    Labor cost down more than 50%.   I've permanently eliminated one position and for now my Saturday help.   (I can easily handle store on Saturday.  My full time pottery worker fell and had to have hip surgery and won't be back for 3 or 4 months.  I've bought enough stoneware bisque to equate to about $12K extra sales.   I should be close to the projected pottery demand.  I had calculated on losing my October show, the Canton MS flea market Oct 8.  However today, they announced they were having this event.  I'm going to take mostly jewelry,

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