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Since March, I haven't been able to fire any of my work because my school is closed, and that's where the kiln I use is. I was lucky enough to be able to bring a wheel home with me and I've been using it every day. So the consequence is that I have an abundance of unfired pottery. I've searched everywhere for an open studio or someone who might let me use their home kiln, but nothing came up. I've considered buying a kiln of my own but I have nowhere near enough money and no source of income right now. Does anyone have ANY suggestions? Please help haha I'm losing my mind!

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Nit particlulary helpful and dont know the level you are at but if time on hands and wanting to do xlay work have you thought of setting yourself throwing chalkenges or exercisrs and reclaiming the clay.....

Apprentices in Japan don't keep any of their pots they make for first year  in some circumstances.

Folk wont let other folk fire their kilns.

Folk don't like op pots in their kilns.

At the mo.

I'd go on a make and bucket... for a while to see the improvement.

Make lots of balls of clay. Same weight throw same shape .


Increase size of balls repeat above.

Repetition doesnt do anything unless main basic points are followed.

Just saying.

Photo graph progress.

Select someone elses pot and copy it down to a t


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Hi-welcome! A bit more detail about your current educational and physical situations might be helpful--such as what kind of school--is it a high school, a university, are you taking a few ceramics classes  or a multi-year arts program? How much space do you have in your out-of-school location--a home with a spare room, a small apartment w/ 2 roommates?   That kind of thing. 

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