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Quarantine low-firing stoneware

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Hi everyone - 

I usually fire at a community studio, but because of the quarantine, they are closed.

I have a small tabletop Paragon Quik Fire 6 kiln.  It only fires to 2000 degrees.  

I have ^6 clay.

I want to  fire the ^6 clay to ^04 for bisque.

Can I then use a low-fire glaze to complete the project, firing again at ^04?  I know it will not be vitrified, but I only make decorative pieces.  I also want to make sure that I can use low-fire glaze on ^6 clay.   Would that work, or am I missing something?  Thanks for your help.


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Does the project need to be completed immediately? If not bisque fire it, and when the community studio opens back up glaze fire there. At least the bisqueware will not break or damage as easily as bone dry pottery would.




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