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Could someone on the Forum please help me to identify this small jug. It stands approximately 4" tall, has the number 5886 stamped on the side above the number 2, and has the number 55 painted on the base.

Many thanks.


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mark is probably right.  it has been painted with a brush, notice the  not-quite-perfect  edges between the wing and the body, the tail, etc.      the person who painted that piece probably got it from a "paint your own pottery" type of business.   they fluctuate in popularity and over the years i have seen the cycle about 3 times.   like clothing, short skirts, long skirts and back again.

you might try looking locally for a paint your own shop and ask what manufacturer supplies their molds.   there may be a catalog of styles.   that particular bird looks like one from the 1950s to me.

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