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plastic pen melted in my kiln

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I opened my kiln at 400 (I know, I know) and then grabbed my gloves where a plastic pen was nestled. The pen flew into the kiln and slid down between the shelves and walls to settle towards the bottom and melt away. I quickly emptied the kiln (fortunately, it wasn't very full) and then with a metal paint scraper scraped up the remaining glob of pen. It smelled terrible. Once it was all cooled, I used a silicone carbine brick to clean off the shelves. I also used that to scrape some of the pen off the walls of the kiln. There are still remnants of pen, like a thick layer of paint, on the base of the kiln. Suggestions? Should I just fire it empty to a low temp and hopefully burn off all the plastic? I will never open my kiln again when the temps are above 250 no matter how impatient I am. Promise.



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Vacuum your kiln thoroughly esp the elements and el. Grooves.

The plastic will burn out next firing. Hopefully your kiln is vented or in an area away from folk who breath:-/

Metal parts will melt and burn away but might be worth your while digging it out of bricks in floor of kiln.

Check nothing is stuck to elements.

I wouldn't fire empty for this.

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