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On-line sales?

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Is anyone with a robust on-line presence experiencing; increased sales, the same as past years, or a drop off in orders for this time of the year?

I was at the mail box earlier this week when my mail carrier arrived.  She mentioned (we were appropriately distanced) that package delivery lately has been like Christmas.  


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Same with my carrier whom is a friend as well. She said it mostly online amazon packages are the main volume-Folks are ording online to stay home more and the post office has a low price contract with amazon for the last drop off service-Otfen UPS moves the packages and then gives them to the USPS to take whats refered to as the last mile (final drop off) . USPS cut a super low cost contract on this service some time back and now its biting  them in the butt. The postal service is loosing money at a rapid clip currently and needs funding badly.She is not a happy mail camper because of this.

Well the above answer is to why your carrier has so many boxes-the other part is yes I have had more  shipments (orders) lately of pottery myself and I do not have an online store its just a info web site

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I don’t have a robust online presence, but I have been doing a small amount of work on it in recent months, even in The Times Before Covid. So internet sales are up. I didn’t have my online shop running at this time last year because I needed the stock for in-person shows. Ironically, because sales were low at the time, I started planning some online things for this year to keep my overhead down. I don’t have useful numbers fo an apples to apples comparison. It’s hard doing both online and in person because they’re both bloody time consuming. 

As a side note, my husband works tech support for Khune und Nagel. They do third party distribution for a number of clients, including Amazon and some medical supply companies. Some of the warehouses they run for clothing brands have been closed down (non essential) and the staff moved over to other warehouses that are busier. They’ve got a ton of cleaning and safety measures in place, and all but the cleaners and the floor staff are working from home. The Amazon volume hit Christmas levels for about two weeks at the start of Canada’s response last month. It’s since tapered off, but it’s higher than usual. We can’t order our groceries from Amazon here, but they’re apparently doing a roaring trade in toilet paper and cleaning supplies. And anything that will stave off boredom. 

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I never made much on Etsy and by the time I get on to a new venue, (shopify?) maybe the vaccine will be ready???? I could use something ironic like that now.  But I will try again - I saw an article about shopify's share price doing better but that doesn't reflect  how people that sell on it are benefiting, just how many of us are trying to go online.

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