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Med-mar metals liquid bright gold etch for ceramics

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Welcome to the forum, Joanne.

My guess is it's a 'luster', applied after glazing, to add metallic gold accents (like the gold or silver band, frequently seen around the rim of a fine china plate) .

I've never used one myself, but there are many here who have.

A couple of suggestions that will help you get better answers:

1) Change the Title of your post to something that reflects your question (maybe "What is Med-Mar Liquid Bright?")

2) If you can, post pictures of the container and/or label. 

3) Let folks know where you are.  You don't have to give your address, or even the name of the town, but forum members are literally all around the world, and it's helpful to know whether you're in USA, UK, AUS, etc.,  when you're asking about specific products.


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  • Pres changed the title to Med-mar metals liquid bright gold etch for ceramics
10 hours ago, Joanne drevlow said:

I have found a bottle of  med-mar metals liquid bright gold antique etch for ceramics. What is it and do you use it

If you do a search there are quite a few hits for med mar as being a luster (11%) gold. Several videos out there in how to use lusters.

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I’m wondering whether this is a metallic luster at all. Most of the comments to date have overlooked the final words of your query: “......gold antique etch.” I believe that this solution may be for achieving an antique looking patina on the liquid gold after firing the luster by “etching” the surface. 

Try sending a personal message to Paul Lewing ( he’s a member here in the forum), as he is an expert on China paints and overglazes. If he doesn’t know directly, he has many contacts within the China painting community who were active 40+ years ago and may have had experience with this material. It is okay to tell him that I referred you to him.



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 (med-mar metals liquid bright gold antique etch)

I recall this brand of liquid gold which is gold luster at the time-I used it as Bright gold but this stuff is not that I think . The antique etch is not something I recall at all.

I think Fred in above post has it right-it sounds like an antique deal not a bright gold

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There is a brief intoduction to lustres, with some H&S at

This post gives a firing temperature for med-mar metals lustres (don't know if yours is a lustre).

Vivianne Escolar on fri 14 may 99

Marie Elaine, I also had some lusters dating from the 80's, a present
from someone I think, and I've just used the opened and unopened ones
and they worked! I was extremely surprised. Anyway, it's a box set with
12 colours and a glaze cleaner by a company MED-MAR METALS from Anaheim,
California. The "blue storm" and "burnt orange" are very nice. These are
stronger hued than the rest of the colours which are sort of shimmery
and pastel. I've resisted lusters for years, but have found them to have
a lot of potential. Shows how much taste can change. Fired to cone 018.
^ 019 was no good. And I used the glaze cleaner to dilute the thicker
ones. Hope this helps.
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